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About us

Hail and welcome to North West Heathens.

We are an inclusive Heathen kindred with our roots firmly planted in northwestern England. We welcome those from all walks of life regardless of characteristics such as ancestry, ethnic group, sexuality or gender identity, and stand firmly against racism and the appropriation of Heathen traditions for hate.

The kindred works to develop a modern form of Heathenry that welcomes new ideas and approaches whilst always looking to the past and our lore. We welcome all who are practising, or have an interest, in all things Heathen.

We live in a special area of the UK, and one of our aims is to make good use of all that surrounds us - visiting places steeped in local history and making known the places that our forebears once trod.

Within the group, we actively encourage questions, discussions, friendly debates and involvement throughout the kindred. Trolling, blatant arguing and political agendas are not welcome.

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, defamation or slander against anyone inside or outside the kindred.

You can find a link to our public Facebook page here

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