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Yule Blot

*Image taken from where you can purchase this beautiful Yule Goat for yourself

Officiant 1 :

“Welcome one and all to North West Heathen’s Yule Blot. Yule, depending on the source you choose to read from, is either a 3 day or 12 day celebration starting on either the Winter Solstice or some point in January. We’re not here this evening to tell you how you should celebrate Yule however; we are here to honour the Gods and the Ancestors most associated with this most precious ceremony and we thank you for your presence. Let us begin.”


“Aesir, Vanir, Wights and Ancestors, we call to you this Yuletide, we ask you to join us in the blot”

Officiant 2 :

“Hail to the Wights of the tavern!

Welcoming spirits, who lift our spirits, as we quaff spirits!

You inhabit this space of mirth, where men and women gather at the end of a long day’s toil,

To rest our weary bones, and drink our fill in good company.

Be it the Old Crown, the Punch Bowl or the Old Wellington,

In the tavern we find warmth, we find sanctity,

We find hospitality. As we eat and drink, putting the worries of the world to one side.

We thank you for sharing your space with us,

And letting us leave in peace, even if a little worse for wear.

Hail the Wights of the tavern!”

All : Hail!

*****Officiant 3 : Light the first candle and poor the first offering of mead to the Wights*****

Officiant 3 (Raise the mead and say) :

“Bragi, bless this brew, we are grateful for this, the gift of Aegir”

*****Officiant 3 to distribute the mead and then poor an offering of mead to the Gods*****

Officiant 5 :

“Odin, we call to you. To the lord of the long night hail!

Sleipnir’s rider, you tear across the sky, with the hunt in tow,

Bringing death to the old year, making way for life of the new.

This Yule night we thank you for the gift of the Runes”

The knowledge that you sacrificed so much for, hanging for nine days from the windy tree

God of madness, we honour you as we gather with our family and Kin

On the longest and darkest of nights, Hail Odin!”

All : “Hail Odin!”

*****Officiant 3 : Poor an offering of mead to Odin and light candle number 2*****

Officiant 4 :

“Freyr we call to you. To the lord of the Yule Feast, Hail!

As we gather here with our family and our Kin,

We give thanks for the many blessed gifts you bestow upon us.

The boar is sacred to you,

And we are honoured to share in it’s bounty.

You give us grain with which we make our bread, and our beer.

You give us peace, that we may enjoy this night in safety.

All these things you share with us, and we in turn share with you.”

Officiant 3 :

“The nights may be long and cold,

But we gather with the ones we love,

As you have showed us how important the company of loved ones is.

Some may be far away,

But you have shown us that distance is no barrier.

We give gifts,

As you gave your sword in your quest to Gerd’s fair hand.

And we give thanks for all that we have.

Hail Freyr!”

All :

“Hail Freyr!”

*****Officiant 3 : Poor an offering of mead to Freyr and light candle number 3*****

Officiant 1 :

“Njord, we call to you. To the sharer of wealth, Hail!

Ruler of the high-timbered temple,

Lover of the songs of Swans,

To you we give thanks for the Sea’s bounty.

These gifts sustain us,

But we must be careful to take only our fair share,

And not damage your beautiful realm in the process.

Sharer of wealth,

For whom the wolf-song is hateful,

Yours is the boundary,

Where the sea meets the shore,

Neither one world or another.

Hail Njord!”

All :

“Hail Njord!”

*****Officiant 3 : Poor an offering of mead to Njord and light candle number 4*****

Officiant 2 :

“Before we close the Blot, should anyone wish to approach the altar and make their offering to any of the deities we have hailed today, or a deity of your choosing, please feel free to do so now. The offering bowl will also be left out should you wish to do so later.!

*****Wait for offerings to be made*****

Officiant 2 :

“Words have been spoken,

Offerings have been made,

From the Gods, to the Earth, to us,

From us, to the Earth, to the Gods,

A gift for a gift,


The bulk of this blot has been taken from 'The Gods Own County' by Dan Coultas and Heathens of Yorkshire (which you can purchase here) and was adapted to suit North West Heathens

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